CLUBHAUS. Opening Weekend

CLUBHAUS. Opening Weekend

🍒🍇We‘re happy to announce the opening of our Clubhaus, located at Siemenstrasse 33, 61130 Nidderau.

🚗SHOP - ☕️CAFE - 🍺BAR - 🏎HUB

Lets talk about cars, get yours all shined up, sip a coffee, drink a beer or just enjoy the day with your crew.

Whether you are a car mechanic, a tuner, the classic car cruiser or the racer next door- EVERYONE IS WELCOME.

Starting with CARWASH&COFFEE on Friday to MEET US on Saturday and ending the weekend on SUNDAZE.

See you there ✌️ #cherriesnberriesworldwide #babaandthegang #clubhaus


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